02. Vaccine development

Accelerated treatments for Cancers & Infectious Diseases

Partnering with the academic laboratory of Dr. Moutih Rafei (Canada), Defence Therapeutics is focused on cancer and infectious disease vaccines development utilizing the ACCUM™ platform for targeted drug delivery and effective treatments.




More potent than actual antigen (due to Accum™)

Possible Accum™ driven cost reduction of vaccine or ADC delivered – less drugs with better efficiency and efficacy.

Entirely scalable vaccine development approach – not limited to one indication: 

Priority #1:

Priority #2:
Infectious Diseases

Platform-driven targeting results in vaccine solutions applicable to any cancer or infectious disease.

Potential for less toxicity and rejection, for increased body tolerance. 

Strong ability to produce follow-on products.

Overcomes major issue to date of non-targeted therapies.

Advanced Vaccines  

Benefiting from the multiplier ability of Accum™ (10x), Defence Therapeutics can easily direct the science from one antigen to another resulting in rapid new formulations for any pandemic or disease: Covid 19, Cancer, Ebola, etc.


    State of the Art Facilities

    Laboratory space of 140 m2, accommodating 12 highly qualified personnel and a wide range of equipment.

    Access in process to 12 high tech platforms located at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer as well as the biopharma platforms at the faculty of pharmacy.

    Accum™ technology enhances the delivery of protein/RNA/DNA inside the cytoplasm

    It targets previously identified antigens and optimizes presentation and drug response

    The platform allows for re-application of formulations to the latest viruses, for targeted efficiency and positive patient response.

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