A Scalable Model

Defence Therapeutics has developed two strategic pathways to market. Each is 100% owned and holds individual IP value, while also working in combination with the other for overall increased value:


100% Owned

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  • Primary asset: Clinical research, ADC Platform, ACCUM™ Technology 
  • Proprietary platform technology with proven enhanced drug delivery method
  • Applications in oncology, vaccine development, and nanotechnologies
  • Full ownership of assets and IP 
  • Pharma & biotech company collaborations
  • Supported by Jeff Leyton, Ph.D

Vaccine Development

100% Owned

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  • ACCUM™ enhanced infectious disease + virus vaccines
  • Priority COVID-19 vaccine
  • Priority Cancer vaccines
  • Full ownership of assets and IP
  • Research contract in process with University of Montreal 
  • Supported by Moutih Rafei, Ph.D

Learn more about our Accum™ Technology & Vaccine development: