Micro Innovations, Macro Opportunities

The biopharmaceutical space is ripe for investment, to drive major disruption for Cancers and infectious diseases treatments.


The growing elderly population, prevalence of chronic diseases and adoption of biopharmaceuticals globally are impacting demand. 


The increasing number of clinical trials showcase the urgent requirement for new patient solutions. Innovative biopharmaceuticals hold the key.


ACCUM™ has a proven ability to deliver treatment drugs to diseased cells. Positive outcomes against targeted vaccines points to applications globally.


R&D investments for new platforms, formulations and products offering have the potential for big market impact and with it, returns.  

Company Highlights

A highly versatile, proprietary and patented Accum™ platform biotechnology.

Ability to enhance the potency of any Defence Therapeutic or partner product by at least 10-20X.

Significant traction and pipeline within two programs leveraging Accum™:

  • Cancer therapeutics
  • Vaccine development

Fully owned IP with capitalization opportunities through global licensing deals.

Attractive capital structure with loyal investors.

Extensive experience in pre-clinical/clinical, business development, CMC and Regulatory.

Accum™ Technology

A Scalable Model


100% Owned

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  • Primary assets: Clinical research, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) Platform, ACCUM™ Technology 
  • Proprietary and US patented platform technology with proven enhanced drug delivery method
  • Applications in oncology, vaccine development, and nanotechnologies
  • Full ownership of assets and IP 
  • Pharma & biotech company collaborations



100% Owned

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  • Entities with novel pharmacological properties
  • Molded to your needs
  • Possibility to uncover novel anticancer therapeutics
  • Engineering new ADC’s with novel payloads
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Supported by Moutih Rafei, Ph.D


Vaccine Development

100% Owned

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  • New Formulations and Product Discovery
  • ACCUM™ enhanced infectious disease vaccines
  • Priority vaccine for emerging pathogens
  • Priority Cancer vaccines
  • Full ownership of assets and IP
  • Supported by Moutih Rafei, Ph.D

This is a revolutionary breakthrough on our journey to unlock the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases.

And we’re not just using Accum™ to enhance our own drugs and vaccines. We’re changing the biopharmaceutical landscape by making this available to the masses. Through licensing, Accum can be added to any ADC and improve drug delivery by over 10x.

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Platform Technology:
the Path Forward


With drug delivery abilities at 10x over current ADC’s, our Accum™ platform is the perfect partner for current and future drug treatments. And, with so many applications and indications, Accum™ is a global solution. In combination, these pairings have the potential to become the therapeutic standard for human diseases.

Global Biopharmaceuticals Market Projections

13.8% CAGR from 2018 to 2025 vs. 3-6% for the global pharmaceuticals

Global Market Pioneers



At 17% of the global pharmaceutical market, biopharma is projected to reach $526 Billion by 2025

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This indicates biopharmaceuticals are destined to dominate the overall pharmaceutical market in the future.

Vaccines have experienced 364% revenue growth between 2007 – 2018


Antibodies and antibody-based agents (e.g. ADCs) dominate biopharmaceutical approvals and sales.  

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Antibodies were 27% of all biopharmaceutical approvals in 2010-2014 and have increased to 53% from 2016-2019.

There are 31 (15.5%) antibodies on the Top 200 selling pharmaceuticals in 2018. Five of the top 10 best selling drugs are antibodies.

Kadcyla, the ADC for breast cancer that is a standard we measure against Accum- modified ADCs produced $1 billion in sales in 2018.

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