We are scientific pioneers, on a journey to cure cancer and infectious disease

Curious how our Accum™ Technology has 10x the impact on infected cells vs. other approved solutions?


Innovating Pathways
to Success

Current treatments for cancer and infectious diseases aren’t working. Too many people are dying in search of effective treatments for improved health.

Leading the way with targeted science, strategic products and bold curiosity, Defence Therapeutics are proudly uncovering micro and macro level methods for bringing catalytic change to future patients. How?

Accum™ Technology

A scalable delivery platform with enormous mulitplier effect offering a diversified investment opportunity. Currently supported with our two major programs:




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Developing Next Generation Biopharmaceutical Innovations

Making a Global Impact

Accum™ Technology

Accum™ Technology’s proprietary and patented drug delivery platform has 10x the impact on infected cells over other approved solutions.


Cancer Therapeutics

Leveraging our Accum™ Technology to create novel treatments for various cancers. 

Through our ADC and AccuTOX, we have been specifically targeting Melanoma, Breast and Lung Cancers within Discovery and Preclinical work and have ADCs with improved bioaccumulation properties targeting cells.

Vaccine Development

Accelerated treatments for Cancers & Infectious Diseases

Partnering with the academic laboratory of Dr. Moutih Rafei (Canada), Defence Therapeutics is focused on cancer and infectious disease vaccines development utilizing the ACCUM™ platform for targeted drug delivery and effective treatments.


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