01. Cancer Therapeutics

Leveraging our Accum™ Technology to create novel treatments for various cancers. 

Through our ADC and AccuTOX, we have been specifically targeting Melanoma, Breast and Lung Cancers within Discovery and Preclinical work and have ADCs with improved bioaccumulation properties targeting cells.


Could be used as a stand-alone monotherapy or in combination with standard of care

Could target cancer from many verticals

Tools to exploit vulnerability of cancer cells

Permissible to develop new ADCs

Advanced Vaccines  

Benefiting from the multiplier ability of Accum™ (10x), Defence Therapeutics can easily direct the science from one antigen to another resulting in rapid new formulations for any pandemic or disease: Covid 19, Cancer, Ebola, etc.

    With endless IP possibilities, libraries of Accum™ variants can be developed (like legos) and screened in vitro to unveil second or third generation cancer therapeutics with anti-neoplastic effects (like AccuTOX).

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