01. Success Pathway

ACCUM™ Technology provides drug delivery enhancements

Defence Therapeutics has tackled an industry-wide ADC challenge – Nuclear Localization – using our proprietary technology Accum™.


Accum’s precision delivery method has improved intracellular ADC routing with a 10x multiple over other approved ADC solutions. 

Focused on broadly improving the therapeutic window of current ADCs based on existing technology.

Aiming for positive outcomes to possibly address cancer cell resistance issues observed previously in the clinic. 

With 100% ownership of findings and outcomes, this platform will fuel all  our future treatment discoveries including our prioritized COVID-19 vaccine.

This next-generation platform technology can be leveraged with other approved ADC drugs, while also driving in-house innovations for proprietary vaccines.  

Our process of getting here has involved three steps:

  1. We aimed to solve the problem of ineffective drug delivery
  2. We successfully targeted the nucleus (through Accum™)
  3. We targeted ADC’s and have been successful in delivering drugs to isolated cells. 

Turning ADC challenges into proven platform solutions

ACCUM™ Talk-Worthy Results:

Overcoming problematic cell recycling and rejection patterns, ACCUM™ is the first solution to enable ADCs to control intracellular delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs, resulting in superior preclinical anti-tumor activity.

By increasing the tumor targeting specificity – due to increased drug accumulation – non-specific toxicity in healthy cells is greatly reduced. 

RESULT: We have increased intracellular accumulation of delivered drugs by 10x compared to current ADCs.


ACCUM™ Innovative Approach

  1. Antibody retains tumor cells specificity
  2. Accum enables ADC to escape endosome entrapment
  3. Accum enables ADCs to be transported to the nucleus
  4. The drug is cleaved and release inside the nucleus
  5. Nucleus becomes a reservoir for the drug
  6. The reprogramed delivery system overcomes important resistant mechanisms relevant to ADC effectiveness.

Highlights & Next Steps

Completed pilots have proven Accum™ to be very stable, enabling higher drug retention, killing the infectious cell line by +2000x over comparable (approved) ADC, “T-DM1”.

Recent mice trials have proven the ability of Accum™ to improve results.

Validating Accum™ as a broad ADC platform technology 

Building on these recent preclinical results, Dr. Jeffrey Leyton is also leading two additional discovery efforts: 

  • Develop single indication Accum™ modified ADC’s for cancers with unmet needs.
  • Developing Accum™ to enable antibodies to drug ‘undruggable’ targets

Potential Market Growth

With positive results, conjugation of Accum could be an important strategy to address cancer cell resistance issues observed in clinical studies.  

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